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Thanksgiving with Claire: a guide to my favorite recipes

Given my unusual diet, our thanksgiving has looked pretty unusual for the past 5 years. For our typical eaters, we tend to order a premade turkey from a local market (which was recently purchased by Safeway) which also comes with non-vegan sides. It is usually up to me to take care of all of the homemade sides gluten-free vegan style. For pies, each sister makes a pie, vegan gf pecan for me, and regular apple and pumpkin for Annie and Caroline. I have never done a turkey substitute before but that does not mean my Thanksgiving isn't yummy!

Here are links to my favorite recipes and my tips:

Sourdough Stuffing by Bread SRSLY

I have made this recipe for the past few years and it has been lovely. I actually do not include the apples, but I am sure it is delicious with or without! My advice is to do the pre toasting of the bread the day before.

These have been a ride or die recipe of mine for years and my whole family agrees they are just as good if not better than regular mashed potatoes! Yukon goals are essential for this one, please do not use Russet!!

These roasted Brussels sprouts are to die for and are a wonderful edition to the table. Here is an alternative recipe!

This recipe is delicious and unlike many pecan pie recipes, it has very typical ingredients that you will likely already have. For the crust, I use the gluten-free Bob's Red Mill crust mix and follow the recipe on the back but just use vegan butter!

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