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NYC Food Round-Up

This week I visited Mira, a close friend of mine I met while I was on my NOLS Semester this spring. We stayed at her home in Brooklyn and though I have been to New York several times before, there were so many new things for me and new food to eat. It is tradition for me to do a little round-up of my NYC eats (see mine from 2018 and 2019). The only downside to the food in New York in my opinion is so many options and so little time, so I made it a goal to try as many places I have never been to as possible. By that standard, here is a round-up of everywhere I went and what I thought!

Location: Williamsburg

This comfort food-oriented all-vegan restaurant was a hit with both me and the three non-vegan friends I brought as my dates. The vibes are a restaurant were a little pretentious in a hipster way, but that only made it feel like a more authentic Brooklyn experience. The menu had great options for all, I had cauliflower nuggets and a Brussels sprout salad, and my friends all ordered items off of the burger menu. We finished off the meal with vegan milkshakes which were the best I had had in a while. We made a little Tik Tok review that you can watch here.

Location: Upper West Side

A follower recommended this spot to me and for that, I am so grateful because it really was one of the best meals I had on the trip. Thyme & Tonic is a gluten-free, kosher, pescatarian restaurant with excellent vegan options. I was honestly overwhelmed by all of the amazing brunch dishes but am so glad I went with the Giant Latke, a plate-sized potato pancake topped with carrot lox. You can't go wrong here and I consider it a must-visit!!

Location: Upper East Side

Dig Inn takes the build your own bowl fast-casual concept that we are all familiar with at this point (think Chipotle or Sweetgreen) and has just perfected it. I was so satisfied with my tofu veggie rice bowl and particularly loved the vegan garlic aioli. Fingers crossed that we see some west coast locations soon!

Location: Williamsburg

When I first got to New York I was flooded with recommendations from followers, and I am honestly so surprised that this gem was not mentioned at all! I stumbled upon it while browsing Yelp and realized it was 100% gluten-free and vegan and knew that I had to go. I went with my friend Eric and we sat in the upstairs tea salon, we were the only people there and had an absolute ball. I very much appreciated all of the Pheobe Brigers they played and the exceptionally kind staff. I got a hot chocolate, a sweet crepe, and a scone that I took home for later, Eric got an Acai bowl and we shared a pot of tea. Everything about this place was wonderful and I cannot wait to go back.

Location: Williamsburg & Tribeca

Two Hands immediately drew me in with their dream aesthetic, so much so I bought matcha there even though I didn't really need one. I ended up going back a second time with my friend Izzy and got matcha once again as well as some roasted sweet potatoes and portabello mushrooms. A great place to get a quick bite or some coffee, they do have a full breakfast/lunch menu, but I did not see many vegan options.

Location: Soho

As an absolute matcha fiend, I had been dying to go to this spot after seeing it over and over on Instagram. It was good, but not great. The drinks were overpriced and I had to pay extra to get matcha in the drink which was kind of misleading and I ended up paying nearly $9 for my drink which was not one of my proudest moments. I got the purple drink because I love anything lavender and it was good, but I would say save your money.

Location: Lower East Side

After following them on Instagram for years, I finally made it to Orchard Grocer, an all-vegan Deli that specializes in sandwiches and vegan specialty groceries. I got the Bowery Breakfast Sandwich cannot emphasize enough how this was one of the best things I had ever eaten. My friends also got sandwiches which they also absolutely loved. Almost anything could be made gluten-free and the staff was so accommodating and gave great recommendations. The selection in their market was also amazing and I saw so many very products that I had never seen before!

Erin McKenna Bakery

Location: Lower East Side

Previously known as Baby Cakes, Erin Mckenna Bakery is a vegan, gluten-free, kosher, allergen-friendly bakery. I was instantly drawn in by the baby pink aesthetics and actually entered the bakery before even knowing it was gluten-free or vegan and then realized that it was exactly fitting of my restrictions. I was so thrilled about stumbling upon it and bought 4 cupcakes: red velvet, carrot, mint chocolate, and lemon. I had a taste test with my friends and we all agreed we liked red velvet best. They have more than just cupcakes, and I definitely need to go back to try some of their breakfast foods!

location: Williamsburg

This was one of those restaurants that had been recommended over and over to me over the years but I some how never made it until this trip. It is all vegetarian with a fair amount of gluten-free and vegan dishes. I got an incredible orecchiette pasta dish that had a house-made ricotta that made me have to go back and double-check that it wasn't real dairy. Thrilled that they have a location in Venice because I will be going when I move to LA (literally in a week).

Location: Prospect Heights

This is just your average little health food cafe with vegan options, smoothies, and some omnivore options. I had a lovely time dining here because it is where I met up with Justine. I enjoyed my acai bowl, but do not suggest going out of the way for this place, for it isn't anything special.

Location: Park Slope

Pasta Louise manages to be both modern and quaint at the same time which is no easy task. We went for some light bites for breakfast, I had the chickpeas and olives as well as lemonade. They do not really advertise as being vegan friendly but they have excellent gluten-free and vegan options. I took some of the fresh gf pasta to make at home and it was so good (paired with their spicy red pesto), I had actually never had fresh pasta that was both gluten-free and vegan besides gnocchi. Overall a 10/10 and recommend for both take out and sit down!

And that is all!! Until my next NYC visit...

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