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Portland Food Diary: Week Two!

Another lovely week in Portland! Tried so much amazing food and have compiled a list of where I went! This city has really wowed me with all of its amazing gluten-free vegan options.

Not to be dramatic but this is quite literally the best gluten-free bakery I have ever been to and bonus points for being all vegan. They have a variety of options from breakfast pastries to desserts, to savory take and bake options. The first thing I tried from here was the lemon blueberry scone and it was out of this world, the best scone I had ever had. I went twice this week and have tried their caramel ice cream, their take and bake mac & cheese, their donuts, and some of their Samoa cake. We also got some of their take and bake cinnamon rolls that we have yet to try! Of everywhere I have been in Portland so far this is my #1 recommendation.

Never Coffee, which is just right around the corner from Petunia's, drew me in with their very aesthetically pleasing neon sign and brightly painted walls. They have a variety of specialty drinks, and I ordered the only non-coffee one named "Pop." I kid you not it was the best matcha I ever had. It was like drinking a rich early match but made with fruit loops cereal milk. It cost a pretty penny, but if you are looking for a luxury cafe experience this is a great choice.

I got non-stop recommendations to go here and I was not disappointed. It is a dedicated vegan spot with amazing gluten-free options! All pizzas are personal sized.

Cartopia is just one place where you can experience the iconic Portland food carts. Complete with fire pits, seating, and landscaping this experience is a little fancier than most food cart experiences but still very casual. I got pad thai from BKK thai, which honestly was not very good, but I won't let that speak for the whole Cartopia experience. It was definitely a good experience, but if I went again I would order from a different cart. This is a great place to go with friends who all have different tastes because you all can go to different carts.(photo via yelp)

Stumptown is a Portland staple and has expanded beyond just the Rose city. I got a matcha latte which was not particularly special but was pretty good. I got fifty percent off by ordering on the app!

We picked this place mostly based on the festive ambiance it offers. It's Mexican inspired menu does not have very good vegan options but it does have a lot of gluten-free! The major impressive thing about this spot is their extravagant drinks served in pineapples.

This is the only gluten-free bakery I have found in Portland that offers more baked goods than just pastries. In addition to cupcakes and cookies, they also have pizza, bread, and bagels. I have tried several of their products and all were great, I also went t the storefront and got a bagel sandwich that was divine! (image via: 10best)

This vegetarian spot has very impressive gluten-free and vegan brunch options. A great place for both sweet and savory brunch.

Just an hour outside Portland is Silver Falls State Park where we went on a lovely waterfall park. On our way back we stopped at this cute cafe in Silverton that offers riverside seating! Not exactly a Claire friendly menu, but I managed to order a salad with some tweaks that was great.

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