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I built my personality around podcasts... and so can you!

It is no secret that I am a lover of podcasts, I have been listening to pods since I was in fifth grade and discovered the app on our family's iPad, and I even wrote some college essays about this passion. I attribute so much of who I am to the shows I listen to and I sometimes forget that not everyone is listening to pods 24/7. If you want to get into this medium, allow me to provide you with some gateways. My favorite podcast of course is my own because it is pretty much my child, but I also would love to recommend some top favorite shows of mine that inspire me. There was no way for me to include all of the shows I love, but here is a curated and categorized list for your peruse :)

Food & Anti Diet Culture

This investigative podcast explores the worlds of multilevel marketing and wellness culture in two incredibly gripping seasons. I absolutely binged this show and am majorly hoping for a season 3.

Episode by episode a journalist duo dives into the history of different wellness and diet trends. Chalked full of myth-busting, taste testing, and hilarious anecdotes.

This show is somehow extremely niche and highly universal in the best way. Hosts Erin and Brian visit different grocery stores each week and dish on all of the best and worst of what is going on in the aisles. It has made me extremely passionate about grocery shopping. (this show is a spin off of Attitudes)

Chit Chat and Chill

With a friendship chemistry like Cat & Pat's you really can't go wrong. Whether it is their hour long banter sessions or interviews with other comedians I tune in every week without fail.

Youtube, fashion, coffee, what can't Emma do? Each week she dives into a topic of her choosing ranging from serious issues like anxiety or divorce to more light hearted things like why influencers like to go to Saddle Ranch.

Comedian and youtube, Kurtis Conner, some how always fills a whole hour with good vibes chat every week. Nothing ever feels too high stakes or over the top on this show which may be why I like it.

You might know the Green brothers from Crash Course, YA literature, or even Tik Tok, but this show is the most personal I have seen them on the internet. The premise of the show has remained incredibly consistent since I started listening when I was a middle schooler: answer questions from listeners and discuss the news from Mars and AFC wimbleton. It is worth catching up on the back catalog if you can because some of the long running jokes are priceless.

LGBTQ+ Conversations

A big heartbreak of the past year for me was the cancelation of this incredibly well done queer culture and history podcast. I credit the show for really allowing me to access important lgbtq issues and history that I was never taught in school. Overall, the hosts are lovable, the content is topical, and the vibes are incredible.

Formerly known as "Throwing Shade" this show has been giving us the scoop on all things women's issues and lgbt issues for just about a decade. Each week they help me keep up to date with current events with a healthy dose of laughs.

Each month we get a round table conversation from queer journalists at Slate sharing perspectives about current issues in the lgbt community. Perfect for those of us who love to stay up to date with the contemporary affairs of the queer community.

I stumbled upon this podcast ages ago when I was in middle school and desperate to learn about big queer world out there, so much so that I would just type "lgbt" into the podcast search bar and see what would come up. Since 2014, host Marlo Mack has been chronicling the journey of raising her transgender daughter (who was 6 when the show started). This show is raw, emotional, and explores so many of the details about raising a transgender child that I would have never known about if it were not for this show. Episodes are few and far between, but are so well done and worth the listen.

Anti-Racism Podcasts

In each episode host, Brandon Kyle Goodman, moderates conversations regarding race and personal relationships. This show always helps me learn how to be anti-racist and be the best ally I can be.

My older cousin recommended this show to me long ago, and it is honestly the first time I remember learning about racial issues beyond Martin Luther King and segregation in America. Each episode offers a new way to look a pop culture, politics, history, and more through the lens of race.

This fictional narrative style podcast tells the story of a Korean American Son, and his immigrant mother who struggle with not speaking the same language. The show is only 6 episodes so savor it!

Shows that make you feel a little smarter

This NPR show gives you the quick tldr of the news each morning. I love show especially when I do not have time/bandwidth to keep up with seemingly lightning speed news cycle we have in the age of the internet.

Five days a week Michael Barbaro hosts a 20 minute dive into the biggest stories going on in the world. This maybe the most basic podcast you can listen to, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing!

Guy Raz hosts convos with entrepreneurs and creators that explore the origin of their companies and how they overcame struggles to achieve their success. Even the seemingly boring things become interesting on this show with the host's dynamic storytelling. One of my favorite parts is walking through stores and spotting brands that I heard the backstory of on the show.

PHEW, thats all for now, happy listening :)

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