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Little things I loved this April

Hello! Welcome to my inaugural monthly favorites blog post where I share some things that I enjoyed this month that I think you should know about!

I am not exactly brand loyal to this product because it is the only menstrual cup I have ever had, but I am a big fan of the product. On my course, we had to pack out all trash out with us on NOLS and that means if I had used pads or tampons in the field I would have been carrying the used ones with me for up to 10 days until we had a re-ration. When I found out that was the case for NOLS courses, I knew that I would need to find an alternative. I had heard about cups, but they had always seemed so intimidating to me. Two periods before my course I gave it a shot and though it was hard to get the hang of (I had to watch a lot of youtube videos to learn how to insert), I was so please with the outcome. You generally only have to change it in the morning and at night which is fabulous and it takes up far less space in a backpack than pads or tampons. I did have to be very careful with washing it because sanitation of the essence but that was really the only challenge with it. I also had an extremely short cycle on the trip (15 days as opposed to my usual 30 so I am glad I had it with me because I would have run out of tampons if I had used them). I have continued to use a menstrual cup for my periods even out of the backcountry!

Though I love candles, I find it hard to tell a good candle from a bad one so I have never really had a favorite above just liking its scent. When I stumbled upon this brand in a shop in SLO I fell in love with quirky names, sleek aesthetic, and wonderful scents. I have been loving my Astrological Storming one, and my sister has loved her Quarter Life Crisis candle.

I have been on a reading kick as of later and this has been one of my recent favs! It is charming yet melancholy and is just unlike I had ever read before! It is short and sweet (I literally read it in a day) so it is great start if you are trying to get back into reading!

This autobiographical series featuring rapper, Lil Dicky, has been an unexpected fav of mine recently. It is hilarious, but also has some very tender and more meaningful moments. Even if you are not particularly a fan of this musician, the show is very enjoyable if you like fun!

I stumbled upon these mugs at Curate, a local home boutique and they caught my eye and I was dying to get them. When I returned to the store and saw they were 25% off, I had to get them. Something about these mugs is just so visually pleasing and they also are very functional! The double-walled glass keeps the inside warm and the outside cool, I also just love being able to see what is inside my mug especially when I am making beautiful matcha lattes :)

As a long-time fan of this artist, I had been dying for new music from her so I was so thrilled to come from NOLS with some new singles already out! This is overall a no skip album and was honestly the 2021 album I was in need of because like it or not, I love a little angst.

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