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Hit or Miss: A Just Eggs Vegan Scramble Review

Before I was vegan, eggs were a pretty big part of my diet. I even had two years before my veganism where eggs were the only animal products I ate (I was a veggan as some would say). When I gave up eggs for good, there were not really any replacements that I was aware of. Sure, I used Bob's Red Mill Egg substitute, and made some tofu scramble but those did not really fill all of the voids that eggs left. In about 2017 Just Foods debuted the Just Eggs scramble substitute and it was made available in grocery stores in early 2019. For months I have been meaning to get my hands on it but did not get around to it until I saw them on sale at my local grocery store. This week I tried three different ways of cooking them and I am going to review each one.

As you can see from the packaging, the are certified non-gmo and have the charming tagline of "Made from plants not chickens."

Scrambled Eggs


Scrambled eggs are what this products is mainly marketed for so of course the expectations were high. The packaging really lacked any explanation of how to prepare them except for just cooking them like regular eggs. In a non-stick pan I melted some Miyoko's cultured vegan butter and cooked the scramble until the eggs were reasonably firm. I then served them with avocado toast on Bread SRSLY sourdough. What I really liked about these is that they were pretty much pre-seasoned and I did not need to add salt or anything. The texture was was impressive and very realistic. What I did not like was the faint legume flavor of these, next time I will probably add some mushrooms and peppers to cover that up!

French Toast


After I made my scrambled eggs, someone on Tik Tok suggested making french toast. The way I made them was by pre toasting the Bread SRSLY, and then pouring the Just Egg into the pan and then putting the toast on top, and then flipping and pouring Just Egg more on top. This french toast was so satisfying and I will for sure make it again. I have struggled to find a good vegan french toast option, I occasionally use banana and flax meal, but that lacks authentic flavor. I was pleasantly surprised by how the savory flavor of the Just Eggs complemented the sweet of the maple syrup and cinnamon so well. In short, this was an amazing use of the product and I recommend!



An omelet was something I assumed would work out much better than it did. I prepared this like a regular omelet, melting vegan butter in a non-stick pan, pouring in the Just Eggs, cooking, and finally folding. First of all, the eggs we too flimsy and wrinkly to successfully fold which was frustrating. I think these eggs cook better when scrambled because this omelet did not exactly have an appealing texture. The best part of this was the Vegan Mozz from Miyoko's that I included in the middle. If you ever get these eggs, you can definitely skip the omelet.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this product was great for some uses and not so much for others. The scramble definitely satiates an egg craving very well, which in my opinion is enough of a win. I believe I bought them for about $7 on sale, but I have heard of better deals at Costco. Next time I find them for a bargain I will certainly purchase again, and I am excited to try the crepe recipe on the Just Foods website!

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