Plant Based Diet

Anyone who is somewhat environmentally aware is familiar with the concept of global warming.  When it was explained to me in elementary school, my teacher would say it was from driving our cars too much, and  taking too long of showers. But what any of my educators neglected to share was the leading cause of global warming: Animal Agriculture. The cattle industry is responsible for more emissions than any other single cause with 18% of all of greenhouse gas emissions, followed by 13% from the transportation industry.  Animal agriculture mainly emits Methane gas which is 25 to 100 times more destructive than carbon emissions from vehicles.  Abstaining from the consumption of meat and dairy products is a more sustainable way to eat, because it allows us to take care of the earth while we eat delicious foods.  On my blog you can find lots of recipes that are plant based so you can start to integrate meals into your diet that give you pure, clean, green, plant power!

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