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Summer Rolls: Tips for the perfect meal on a hot day!

Here in the SF Bay Area, it has been getting HOT! So hot that some days I try to avoid eating warm foods at all costs. Luckily quarantine has given me ample time to try out some new recipes so I can expand beyond the horizon of just salads and smoothies. Of everything I have tried out, Summer Rolls or Fresh Rolls are one of my top favorites. I always have loved ordering these at some of my favorite restaurants so I am excited that I have learned how to make them at home!

Once you procure your Rice Paper Wrappers, the world is really your oyster! I have found them at Mollie Stone, Safeway, and Whole Foods. The way you use these is by soaking them individually in water for about 20 seconds (or however long the package lasts). After you soak, you need to quickly fill and wrap it because it works best while it is still wet. Here are my tips for the best things to fill them with!


Tofu is one of my favorite sources of protein, and it works as an amazing filler of these rolls. If you aren't an expert tofu chef, fear not! I have been using Hodo Tofu Nuggets, and they have become a staple in my fridge. You can use these cold or hot, I personally like to cut them up smaller and warm them up in a skillet. The texture is way better than anything I have ever had. Thai Curry is my favorite flavor because they are flavorful but not overpowering.


These rolls need at least a few veggies! Carrots are my go-to, and they fit best if you slice them into long these pieces as pictured. I sometimes include cucumbers, but recently I made a batch with a terribly bitter cucumber I bought at Whole Foods. So always remember to taste test your cucumber! I also like to include some greens, my favorite is the Organic Greens Butter Lettuce Plus!


Thinly sliced avocado is an amazing addition to these and really brings all of the flavors together. A little goes a long way!


To add a little flair to these rolls I always include some chopped chives and a squeeze of lemon or lime. My family likes to add peanut dipping sauce, but I skip that because I don't like peanuts. Here is a recipe for a simple one if that sounds like your jam!

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