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Restaurant Passport: Baia

Hello, welcome to a new series I am starting on the blog: Restaurant Passport! I got a little book from Lexianna's Boutique by Letterfolk and it inspired me to log my trips to 100% vegan restaurants. But it would be selfish to just keep it to myself, so I am sharing it with you here!

The restaurant I visited this week was Baia by Matthew Kenney and this is my entry:

Though this analog version is sweet, we also did review our entrees on Tik Tok if you care to hear personal accounts from each person at the table! God bless my friends for letting me lure them out to dinner and them agreeing to humor all of my Tik Tok filming. Baia had it all: stellar menu, gorgeous ambiance, and impeccable service. Joined by Kylie, Will, and Natalia, it was a night of good food and better company.

A Quick Order Round-Up

Appetizers for the table:

Arancini- a fried risotto dish that is extremely decadent and definitely helped our meal start out on the right foot.

Mozzarella Sticks- I just had to try these because I had never had real mozzarella sticks, they did not disappoint


Riadtore- the waiter talked both Kylie and Will into ordering this spicy dish of house-made pasta because it contained gluten (gf option available), I could not try but I take their word for it when they say it was amazing.

Margherita Pizza- Natalia got this gorgeous pizza which again I could not try but she loved it. Natalia is not vegan so I think her approval means even more because often non-vegans are very skeptical of vegan cheese.

Cacio e Pepe- this was what I ordered, and though I adored it, the sauce to pasta ratio was off and there really could have been more pasta.

Dessert for the Table:

Panna Cotta- This was my first time trying Panna Cotta, and once I got past the unusual texture I really enjoyed it. Sweet but not overpowering and definitely a must-order.

Chocolate Torta- This hazelnut chocolate pie was also a masterpiece. My favorite part was the large scoop of hazelnut cream that balanced out the rich chocolate mousse.

The Wrap Up

A big takeaway from my trip to Baia is that I cannot wait to return. Just a couple of years ago San Francisco's upscale restaurant scene was barren when it came to vegan options but now excellent vegan fine dining is popping up left and right. Can't wait to add more restaurants to the passport!

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