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Restaurant Passport: 5 Tacos & Beers

Last week I posted the inaugural restaurant passport blog, and I am excited to continue the series. I did say that I would only include 100% vegan restaurants, however, I am making the exception for 5 Tacos, because though it is not all vegan they do have Meatless Mondays which have a fully plant-based menu. I had never heard of a restaurant do this, so I was so excited to see what they had in store. I was joined by three of my dear friends: Will (vegan), Natalia (not vegan), and Kylie (not vegan). Shout out to Kylie because she is the one who told us all about this place and convinced us it was worth the half-hour drive (not that vegan tacos were not enough to convince).

We reviewed all of the tacos on Tik Tok so head over there for the details! The energy was very very punchy around the table, so some things in that review may seem a little silly.

Any good meal needs great company!!

A Quick Order Round-Up

We started out with a round of chips, salsa, and gauc. Kylie got an Arnold Palmer, Natalia went for lemonade, I ordered a peach kombucha (good but way overpriced), and Will stuck with water.

After a quick look at the menu, we easily determined that we need to all get Birria taco flights to get the full experience of every taco. Each of us tried all 5: Verdolaga con Elote, Coliflor con Pina, Shiitake Mushrooms, Papas, Nopales Con Rajas. Each taco included vegan cheese by The Butchers Son, and Birria style meant that they were served with broth. We all had different favorites when it came to the varieties of tacos, but I think mine was a tie between Papas and Shiitake. The flight was a fun experience but pretty pricy and you would certainly be fine with just two or three tacos. Overall this place is a must-visit, especially on Mondays (the vegan menu is far more limited on other days).

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