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Portland Food Diary: Week One!

Okay so if you follow me on socials, you probably already know I am in Portland for the month of October. This is my first time ever here, and it really is a wonderland when it comes to quality gluten-free and vegan options. This post will be my first of four recaps of the places we have gotten food here!

There is nothing I love more than a good farmer's market and the PSU market has quickly joined the ranks as one of my new favorites! Some of my favorite vendors are Winters Farms, Draper Girls, and Cascadia Bakery!

One of my favorite things to say about myself is that I love coffee shops and hate coffee. So I am always looking for cute coffee places that also have great things to order besides hot bean water. I stumbled upon Kiss on the first bike ride I took in my neighborhood and it is so darling! It is just a little hole in the wall with bagel sandwiches, a robust drink menu, and pastries. The staff is so nice and it is in such a nice neighborhood. I love that I can order right at the door because I don't need to lock my bike! I have already gone twice and I expect many more visits.

This was the first restaurant we got take out from and it was definitely a great choice. Yummy food, fair prices, and a very accommodating menu. We had the pad see ew, fried rice, and yellow curry all veganized of course! During COVID takeout staples are everything so this place is for sure a win. (image from there website)

This regional pizza chain was recommended by several friends so we knew it was a must stop! In addition to many regular pizzas, they off a gluten-free crust and many vegan pies. I had their spiral tap pizza with their famous vegan ranch! I wish we had this at home.

This bakery is dedicated gluten-free with many vegan options. I had a hay day picking things from their case to bring home! We got a vegan donut, tea cakes, and a slice of cheesecake. Everything was great and my favorite was the cardamom pear tea cake. We also got drinks, I was experimental and tried a ginger beetroot latte. This definitely is a great place to fulfill your gluten-free pastry needs, but they did not seem to have many breads or things of that nature which is important to keep in mind.

Me with my pink latte!

We stopped by this boba shop after seeing lots of people walking around with their cups. I had a rose tea that was nice and simple. Not the best boba I had ever had, but a great option to have nearby!

I entered this shop on a whim and I am so glad I did. They had a great selection of cupcakes, about half of which were gluten-free and vegan! I had a chocolate coconut one that was to die for. They also offer many sandwich options and espresso but I did not have any.

This place was a super convenient place to pick up some breakfast. In addition to acai, they also have some food options and drinks. My favorite was actually the strawberry lemonade!

Harlow is all gluten-free anything on Harlow's menu can be vegan! I had the pesto scramble as well as a cheddar biscuit and it was divine. If you are looking for a hearty brunch, this is the place to go! (image via Harlow website)

Soma was voted the best Kombucha in Portland so their tasting room was a must for our first week here. At the tasting room, they walked us through tasting every flavor on tap (for free!), and then we bought a growler of favorite which was the fig brew. Even Caroline enjoyed and she is not typically a kombucha gal! We will certainly be back here!

Though they have this all over the west coast, it was essential to visit this Portland-born business. I biked over to pick up some pints, and I was a little underwhelmed by their vegan options. Many of the vegan flavors advertised on the website were not actually available in the shop. However, the vegan flavor I did end up getting, the seasonal apple cider sorbet, was fantastic! (image via bring fido)

That's all for this week, can't week to keep you posted on next week's eats :)

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