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Happy Earth Day!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give a quick Earth Day message. Every year I see my social media feed flooded with Earth Day photos with generic captions, and trust me when I say that I am guilty as charged when it comes to making this kind of post. I mean who doesn't want an excuse to share stunning photos of their beautiful home. I just want to remind you that actions are stronger than words or Instagram posts. Recently I have been obsessed with watching Greta Thunberg's speeches (If you do not know about her you can learn more here) and she has a large emphasis on taking real life conscious actions to fight climate change. I have been thinking a lot about what we can do to protect our wonderful home. Climate change and environmental destruction are large problems and it can be difficult to feel like you are making a real change.

For me, veganism has been where I have really been able to tangibly reduce my carbon foot-print and even if going vegan does not sound appealing to you, I beg you to hear me out. When I was growing up I loved meat, baby back ribs, hamburgers, steak, I was really all about it. But as I began to learn more about the impact that meat has on the environment it became more and more difficult to stomach the idea of eating animal products. I eased into the diet slowly, and now I would not want it any other way. Even if it is not realistic for you to fully pursue a plant-based diet right now, I urge you to consider limiting your animal product consumption, especially of red meat. Starting with going vegetarian a few days a week could be a great way to get started.

Though going vegan helps, it is not what will instantly change the tides. Activism and empathy is what will bring change. I personally am finding new ways to grow and challenge myself as an earth advocate. This summer I am volunteering at an environmental education program and I hope to plant the seeds of climate change activism in their souls. I have so much hope for our generation, but we need to get moving if we want to save our planet.

That is all I have for my little Earth Day message, so I will leave you with Greta Thumberg's Ted Talk to keep you in the earth day spirit.

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