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Davis Farmer's Market Adventures! (photo diary)

I spent most of July and early August in Davis, California studying sustainable transportation at UC Davis. There are so many fantastic things about Davis, from biking all around town to the beautiful sunsets, but out of everything, the farmers market really won my heart. I visited several times over my stay in Davis and the last day I even took my parents and grandpa. I tried lots of food, heard lots of live music, and of course took tons of pictures. In this post, I thought I would share some my favorite memories.

My Grandpa is showing off a yellow watermelon to my mom that he bought! It was so sweet and yummy!

Grandpa buying some grapes!

The colors of these tomatoes and peppers are so beautiful

There were so many delicious veggies to choose from!

Enjoying the most delicious apple juice and the company of my friend!

I do not normally like raw tomatoes that much, but these cherry tomatoes were so sweet and yummy

Anyone who knows me, knows I love kale!

A Saturday morning picnic with my friends, enjoying some food and live music!

My friend Brandon and I enjoying some chimichurri on fresh gluten free bread!

Some delicious Indian food (channa masala, veggie pakoras, chole), a goldilocks smoothie, and of course my Hydro Flask.

Here I am wearing my Davis Farmers Market shirt at the market :)

Got the goldilocks smoothie from Bare Juice several times because it is so yummy!

I bought a few of these lovely tomatoes for pasta and they were so fantastic!

I did not go to the market a single time without buying peaches or nectarines

Of course the Wednesday night market lent itself perfectly to golden hour photos, this one was taken by my friends Keven Zhou!

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