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7 Products That Every Gluten Free Person Should Know About

People always ask me how I possibly can survive being gluten free if I have to miss out on bread, cake, bagels, etc. But the secret is that I do not have to miss out because I have found so many great products that I find just as delicious. Being gluten free can be really hard especially because I adopted the diet when I was older so it took some getting used to. There are definitely some products that replace regular food that make being gluten free a lot easier, yummier, and fun.

Sourdough bread is the best so it was one of the hardest things to give up. My sisters and I loved sourdough so much that we used to call it "favorite kind of bread" when we were little. When I found Bread Srsly, I was so grateful that I would still be able to have sourdough on a gluten free diet. Bread Srsly has some differences to traditional sourdough: it must be stored in the refrigerator and it also must be toasted. It comes in a few flavors including original, seeded, and kale, and it can be purchased in loaf and rolls. This bread is pricey -- usually about $9 but I think the quality of the product makes it worth the price.

Photo: Bread SRSLY website

Almost everyone has their signature recipes, whether it be Christmas sugar cookies or Thanksgiving pies. It can be difficult to give up your favorite recipes when you give up gluten, but with this flour you do not have to. Bob's Red Mill 1-to-1 fits perfectly into almost any recipe which makes it easy to make a variety of your favorite recipes. This flour is also great for gluten free recipes that require a lot of different flours (like tapioca, potato, rice, etc.) because you usually can just sub this flour in so you do not need to buy so many. The price for this flour can often be hiked up at grocery stores but usually you can find a good deal at Costco or Target.

Photo: Bob's Red Mill Website

Pasta has always been such a staple for me, especially when I was younger. Pasta is a very hard thing to give up because it is quick, filling, and delicious. A lot of gluten free pastas are gooey, rice based, and honestly flavorless and disgusting. Ancient Harvest pasta is another story though. The texture is authentic and honestly people have told me it is better than regular pasta. I have this pasta pretty much once a week and I think that it is one of the things that made my transition to being gluten free easier.

Photo: Ancient Harvest

Gluten free cookies can be a difficult art to master, and can often take time to make from scratch. These immaculate cookies can be found at almost any grocery store and they are an easy way to impress anyone, whether they are are gluten free or not. These cookies taste so good, have a great texture, are gluten and dairy free, and they only need about 12 minutes in the oven. The only problem with these cookies is that it is hard not to eat the dough!

Photo: Immaculate

5. Mary's Gone Crackers These crackers are a healthy filler for the snack that we miss out on when we adopt the gluten free diet. They are great with hummus, pesto and most other dips. These crackers also are accessible to almost everyone! They are gluten free, vegan, kosher and oil free. These crackers are crispy, flavorful, and it is hard to have just one!

Photo: Mary's Gone Crackers

6. Baker Josef's Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix

Brownies are the best. No one can argue with me on that. But brownies from scratch, gluten free or not, can take hours to make, so brownie mix is essential. I have talked about this Trader Joe's brownie mix on the blog before in this post so ya'll know that I love it. These brownies are so ultra-chocolatey, fudgy, and decadent that they are completely irresistible. A box of this mix is a staple in any GF pantry.

Photo: Amazon

Obviously you might not live near Flour Craft or Mariposa, but I recommend that you find a dedicated gluten free bakery that you can visit when you want a loaf of bread or a gluten free treat. A lot of the gluten free baked goods you find at the grocery store are super processed and can honestly taste like cardboard. Gluten free bakeries often can offer more variety and fresher choices. I love the ritual of visiting my local gluten free bakeries and if you have any near you, I recommend visiting!

Thanks for reading and let me know of your favorite gluten free products via Instagram @clairecancook

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