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Hello! After a year an a half of sharing my cooking creations on Instagram (@clairecancook), I decided I needed a way to share my recipes with the rest of the internet. You are probably here because you came from my Instagram page, but I will still provide some background about me and why I am constantly sharing what I eat with the world. Quick disclaimer: I do not have any particular cooking expertise or talent, I actually spend most of my time doing musical theatre and dancing. But after over a year of experimenting in the kitchen, and documenting it on Instagram, I have collected some tips, stories, and of course recipes to share here. I first got into cooking when I gave up gluten and dairy when I was 13, since then I have learned a lot about how to make my food taste delicious, while excluding gluten and dairy ingredients. I have also eaten vegetarian for almost a year now, so I try very hard to create meals that are yummy and contain a healthy amount of plant based protein. My style of cooking often involves throwing things into a pot, setting it on medium heat, and hoping nothing catches on fire, recipes and exact measurements are rarely involved. But ever since I started @clairecancook people have been requesting that I send them recipes, so from now on I will be documenting my recipes here for anyone to recreate or make a variation of on their own. I am excited to start sharing even more of my cooking adventures, so stay tuned as this gf df veg teen tries to break into the blogosphere!

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