What are your dietary restrictions?


I am gluten and dairy intolerant, which was onset due to a digestive issue that I began to experience when I was 13.  I also eat a vegan diet because I belive that is a more ethical way to eat.


Are you vegan?


Yes, I am vegan! After following a looser plant-based vegetarian for 2 years, I committed to veganism in June of 2018.  My one exclusion is I eat local honey because it is beneficial for local ecosystems.  


Do you only post about things you cook?


My Instagram almost only features homemade food with the exceptions of some of my Instagram stories and just a few posts with blog post announcements or from Summer takeovers.  On my blog, I have been branching out and also trying to review restaurants and do food diaries.


What is your favorite thing to cook?


I make homemade pesto every week which is always my favorite thing.  I also love tofu tacos!